Improving our knowledge is something we should never stop. After finishing the Dental School, you have more options for your professional improvement. Are you ready to take the next step? Search for your training center!


Implantology training possibilities after you have obtained your Dentistry degree

The time has come! You have finished your Dental School and there’s a whole world in front of you wishing to use your abilities and your knowledge. You dive into it and start experimenting the professional opportunities you can get. This must sound familiar: you get some working internship experience at a couple of clinics. You swing from one clinic to the other in order to find your place, but with time, you feel it is not enough. You get into a point in which you know you want more. You feel you are missing something, your training is lacking at some point, or you have just discovered a new field of your profession you could take advantage from.

This is the moment when you ask yourself:

  • What if I continue studying?
  • Why not a little bit more?
  • Everyone is improving themselves and I am staying where I am?

Many people like you decide to go for it, and to continue their professional training. Arturo, Rosa, Manuel, Bea… we are familiar with so many stories like this one, because they are our students, we lived through them and they told them to us. Sofia Gabriela, a Colombian girl living in Spain, has just finished her Dental School. After some internship at different clinics, she decided to improve her professional training in Implantology. And as many other students, she started to search for the place in which she could get her Master’s Degree in Implantology.

formacion en implantologia

Many students like you take this step and continue studying.

There are many good places to do your postgraduate studies. But, which are the best study centers in the world? Where will you find the best training and take your professional opportunities to the maximum? We are going to show them to you right now.

Top 10. Apply for the best Implantology programs in the world

There are excellent universities, schools and dentistry training centers all over the world. Are you familiar with them?

Master’s Degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics at the European University College

In spite of its name, this prestigious university is situated in the United Arab Emirates. This College follows an occidental-like program, taking the advantage of the experience of professors from different Investigation Centers located in the United States, Sweden, England and France, etc. This university also offers other high quality Master’s programs for different dental specialist’s degrees.

This Master’s program is 3 years long. The study program is focused on clinical practice (70% of total hours), diagnosis and the use of the most advanced biomechanics techniques in Orthodontics and Implantology.

Master’s Degree in Dental Technology at the Metropolitan University of Cardiff

This 3-year Master’s program of the University of Cardiff (Wales) has been designed as distance learning. The students get good training in different specialist areas, such as, for example, fixed and removable prosthodontics, and orthodontics. It is assumed that students will carry out at least 6 hours clinical practice per week at their own clinics and laboratories. The training, being distance learning, is carried out mostly online via video conferences.

Master’s Degree in Oral Implantology at the Goethe University, Frankfurt

This is probably the best dental master studies in Germany, and it is two years long. It is divided in seven modules and a final Master’s Thesis. It prioritizes the training which encourages analytic and rational thinking. This will train the student in examination and diagnosis of a patient and the correct election of the right treatment. This interests in analysis comes from the acceptance and understanding of the concept of Implantology as a very complex discipline which requires extremely precise treatments and methodologies.

The students who get their Master’s Degree will be able to select, analyze and implement the best implantology treatments.

Master’s Degree in Implantology and Postgraduate Studies in Implantology at Athenea Dental Institute

This 2-year Master’s program which offers 60 ECTS validated by the University San Jorge, is undoubtedly the best Master’s program in Implantology in Spain. It is a discipline which maybe is not sufficiently covered in study plans and with this Master´s program we try to complete the training. If you look for the place in Spain in which you can get your Master’s Degree in Implantology, this is the right one!

This is a part-time Master’s program, and therefore it is compatible with your professional activity. It consists of theory lectures, laboratory and preclinical practice, and clinical practice with patients. The students attend lectures and special courses given by professionals from their sector. Furthermore, they also have to attend national and international congresses. Having in mind all these advantages, the training is pretty complete. As Aristotle said:

«The mind is not only the knowledge, but also the ability to apply that knowledge in practice».

Our friend, Sofía Gabriela, who came from Colombia to complete her professional training, evaluated it like this: the price, the financing, the teaching staff and the easiness of combining her studies with her work, as well as the high-quality Master’s program, were the points which convinced her.

aplicar los conocimientos adquiridos en la formacion en implantologia

The mind is not only the knowledge, but also the ability to apply that knowledge in practice

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Postdoctoral Implantology Program at the College of Dental Medicine, Columbia University

Prestigious American universities are a must in this list. The Columbia University, New York, offers excellent postdoctoral programs at their College of Dental Medicine. Among different postdoctoral programs there is also this 2-year Implantology program, based on long tradition. And we don’t say it just like that: this program is based on 20 years of experience which provided training for hundreds of students, and it is constantly developing and improving.

The training consists of lectures, literature reviews and seminars, as well as clinical practice in Surgery and Implant Dentistry.

Master’s program «Implant MaxiCourse» at the Loma Linda University

This university is situated in California (The United States), and its School of Dentistry offers interesting Master’s program which already has 30 years of history. More than 450 students have completed their Master’s Studies at Loma Linda and have reinforced and improved their knowledge in the field of Implantology.

This course is 10 months long (2 days per week), and it has more than 300 hours of classes, workshops, in vivo surgery demonstrations, online lectures and implant clinical practice with patients. The lecturing part of the program is divided in beginners, intermediate and advanced level.

Postgraduate Implant Dentistry Program at the University College London

This postgraduate program is offered by one of the most prestigious and important universities in the world. It is a part-time 3-years program, therefore it can be perfectly combined with the professional activity or other studies. The first year is dedicated to developing of the basic knowledge of implant dentistry with emphasis on diagnosis, planning and basic surgery. The second and third years are dedicated to the restorative aspects of implant dentistry, patient care and practice management.

Postgraduate Dental Implant Program at the Southern Illinois University

This USA university, through its School of Dental Medicine, offers us a one-year postgraduate Dental Implant Program. This program is highly focused on the hands-on part of the training. An 80% of total hours is dedicated to General Dentistry, Implant Restoration and Surgery. The rest of the hours is dedicated to investigation, laboratory as well as to teaching of undergraduate students.

la parte práctica de la formación en implantologia

The focus is on hands-on part of the Implantology Training.

Master’s Degree in Dental Implantology at the University of Manchester

It is a Master’s program in England, which offers two training options. If you choose part-time option, it’s 2 years long. If it is a full-time option, then it is only one year. Both options offer the program which includes lectures, seminars, clinical practice, literature reviews, and a certain flexibility in the rhythm, since the part of the training you can program according to your needs.

Postgraduate program in Implantology at the University of Malmö

Sweden is proud of having three universities among 20 best universities in the Dentistry World. The University of Malmö has the Faculty of Odontology which offers the intensive postgraduate implantology course which is among the courses with the best reputation in the world. It offers two levels: Advanced and Certification level. After completion of Certification Level you will be certified by The Malmö University to perform surgical and prosthetic implant treatments.

This postgraduate program is short but intense. In 6 months (60 hours) you will receive lectures and classes, you will carry  out surgery and dental prosthetics treatments on patients. Due to the special characteristics of this postgraduate course level, it is mainly aimed at dentists who already have certain experience in implantology.

What happened in the end with Sofía Gabriela?

From Bogota, to a Barcelona suburb, Sofía Gabriela wanted to continue the family tradition (full of dentists and dental hygienists). After obtaining her Dentistry degree, and passing some time as a resident at different clinics in Barcelona, she decided to continue studying.

She had the opportunity to travel abroad, but she evaluated her options and she immediately realized that with Athenea Dental Institute she had everything she needed. The best dentistry training (she was interested in our Master’s Implantology program), the part-time study option, the teaching staff and the study program. And the language! Very soon she decided that it was the best option of all.

formacion en implantologia

Now Sofía Gabriela keeps in touch with us, but at a professional level. She works as a Implantology Specialist in Barcelona and Badalona, and she says that studying with us was the best idea she had at professional level. As Julius Caesar said:

«Veni, vidi, vici».

And what about you? Do you want to improve your professional resumé? Request more information from us without any commitment. Come to Athenea Dental Institute now!

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