CSW Colection, Volume 1

Dr. Pablo Echarri

This book has been reviewed for the new edition in Spanish and has been translated to English and Polish. Both second edition and the translations were necessary because on the one hand, the first edition in Spanish was sold out and on the other, our students from other countries asked us versions in these languages. We would like to express our gratitude to them for encouraging us to do it. We also decided to add special chapters, published in my first book on diagnosis, because they can be considered “jewels” or “pearls” of Orthodontics which will be the inspiration for the readers of this volume. These chapters were written by important figures in our specialty such as Robert M. Ricketts, Craven Kurz, Hans Bimler, Thomas Creekmore, James Mülick and others so, enjoy and learn reading them.
This book is a part of the CSW collection of books (Volume 1) that I am writing. Earlier this year, the volume 2, “Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment Plan in Orthodontics” was published, completing the information we offer in this volume. The translations to other languages of the volume 2 are coming soon.
My recommendation is to read this book following the order of the chapters. On the other hand, many colleagues can also use it as a side-chair consultation book while they are planning treatments for their patients. Numerous illustrations and schemes offered in this book will make this task easier.
The volumes 3 and 4 of CSW collection are also published in Spanish, and we are we are working on their translation to other languages.
The CSW collection consists of 12 volumes:
1. Diagnosis and treatment plan in orthodontics.
2. Advanced diagnosis and treatment plan in orthodontics.
3. CSW technique principles. Brackets, direct and indirect bonding.
4. Extraction treatment.
5. Non-extraction treatment 1. Positive dentoalveolar discrepancy (spacing and agenesis).
6. Non-extraction treatment 2. Expansion, separation, protrusion.
7. Non-extraction treatment 3. Distalization, stripping.
8. Orthodontic treatment in the vertical plane. Anterior open and deep bite. Lateral open bite and occlusal plane canting.
9. Case finishing. Retention. Occlusal adjustment by selective trimming.
10. Orthodontic treatment combined with orthognatic surgery.
11. Interdisciplinary treatment.
12. Orthodontic treatment protocols for Class I, II, III with the CSW technique.
I would really like this book to become a very useful tool in everyday’s orthodontic practice of its readers and I wish it helped them to improve the treatment of their patients.

Dr. Pablo Echarri

Dr. Robert M. Ricketts
Dr. Craven Kurz
Dr. Thomas D. Creekmore
Dr. Hans Peter Bimler & Dr. Anna Barbara Bimler & Dr. Thomas S. Drechsler
Dr. James F. Mülick & Dr. Nikos Georgoussis

Chapter 1. The importance of diagnosis in orthodontics. The concept of diagnosis in CSW technique
Chapter 2. Classification of malocclusions
Chapter 3. Clinical history. Clinical examination
Chapter 4. Model studies by ages. Panoramic X-ray study
Chapter 5. Records and mounting in the articulator. Model base fabrication
Chapter 6. MPI study and conversion of cephalometric tracing from Maximal Intercuspation (MI) to Centric Relation (CR)
Chapter 7. Photography in orthodontics
Chapter 8. Cephalometry
Chapter 9. Functional study. Interdisciplinary examination protocol for children and adolescents
Chapter 10. Cephalometric analysis of the upper air ways
Chapter 11. Rotations study
Chapter 12. Growth forecast without treatment
Chapter 13. Visual Treatment Objective
Chapter 14. Frontal cephalometry
Chapter 15. Esthetic study
Chapter 16. Post-growing evolution of the face
Chapter 17. Dento-alveolar discrepancy. Anterior discrepancy. Posterior discrepancy. Third molar eruption forecast. Discrepancy management
Chapter 18. Treatment planning
Chapter 19. Diagnostic considerations on early treatment why not early treatment?
Chapter 20. Special considerations in the diagnosis of adult orthodontia
Chapter 21. Determination of incisors position
Chapter 22. Facial dysplasias
Chapter 23. Asymmetries and microform

Dimensions: 21 x 30 cm
No. of pages: 634
Year: 2019
Place: Barcelona, Spain
Edition: Athenea Dental Institute
Lenguage: English
Bookbinding: Soft cover
ISBN-13: 978-84-09-15828-7

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