Continuing education should be the common factor in all professions and jobs. The professional who continually widens his knowledge and education is a modern professional. Furthermore, he is committed to his profession and society to which he serves. Therefore, the inspiring principles of all Faculties of Dentistry which appreciate themselves should be lead by continuing education of both professionals and students.

Formación permanente en master Ortodoncia

Continuing education should be the common factor in all professions and jobs.

Inspiring principles of a Faculty of Dentistry

All Faculties of Dentistry act according to some universal principles, common for all medical specialties. Besides the Hippocratic Oath, these principles encourage also:

  • The interest in problems of human being and predisposition to help immediately.
  • Easy establishing of doctor-patient relations and teamwork.
  • The capacity for professional observation.
  • Perseverance and tenacity.
  • Good study and hygiene habits.
  • The capacity for:
    • Self-criticism.
    • Decision making in importants situations.
    • Acting in emergency situations.

The responsibilities of a student and a professional who start this kind of studies at a Faculty of these characteristics are the promotion of health, prevention, diagnosis and adequate treatment of buccal problems.

Regarding to this, the Hippocratic Oath is especially important. Once the problem is defined, dental professional will do everything possible to repair the damage caused by diseases with remedies he has at his disposal.

Student’s profile

The profile of a student interested in continuing education at the Dental Faculty with Master’s Programs in Orthodontics and Implantology as well as other courses on different areas, is a professional familiar with basic sciences such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They already have certain experience as a free lance in different dental clinics or they are professionals who work at only one clinic. They want to become specialists in a specific field and to focus their interests on it.

They have to show the interest in problems of buccal health and their readiness to serve and to help.

perfil de estudiante del master ortodoncia

Their job will be not only a duty, but also their vocation.

They should have developed capacity for observation and analysis, tenacity and tolerance to frustration which accompany constant challenges presented in their daily dental practice.

Indeed, a student who decide to improve and increase their knowledge should be able to adapt easily to changes which consist of replying to the challenges which are scientific knowledge, health assistance support and technology. Nowadays these three challenges are applied to solutions of dental treatments.

The student should also demonstrate their capacity of observation and  analysis of different case reports shown to them. The student should discover the causes of a disease and the consequences of possibilities of healing he has at his disposal. The student should feel comfortable discussing the diagnosis and treatment with his peers.

They should act in cases of emergency, insist in hygiene habits, study and be organized, as well as to know how to articulate a fluid relation between the doctor and the patient.

Master’s Degree in Orthodontics

“A person with a beautiful smile is a good person; a person with an ugly smile is a bad person.”

Hungarian proverb.

The Orthodontics is a specialty of Dentistry which studies anomalies in shape, relation, position and function of dento-maxillo-facial structures. Which means, according to Wikipedia, Orthodontics is:

“…the  art of prevention, diagnosis and correction of anomalies and alterations of dento-maxillo-facial structures and their maintenance in an optimal health state by means of different types of forces.”

This specialty is not new. The first indications of its existence date from Antiquity, with the desire of antient Greeks and Romans to correct malpositioned, separated or crowded teeth.

The orthodontics appliances already existed in 8th century BC (and their design was pretty similar to the current one).

The Master’s Program in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics is usually aimed at professionals with experience in malocclusion treatments. They are professionals who want to start dealing with the advanced orthodontic treatments. Furthermore, this Master’s Program can be combined easily with professional occupation.

With this Master’s Degree, a professional will obtain the following abilities: they will be able to carry out etiopathogenic diagnosis, and to plan the treatment to correct different malocclusions. Also, they will be able to carry out the orthodontic and orthopedic treatments and he will obtain the tools necessary to organize an orthodontic service.

A Master’s Program in Orthodontics at any Faculty of Dentistry can be organized in theory classes and laboratory practice. The ideal would be to have also clinical practice with patients. The attendance to Congresses with the possibility to lecture in them is also a plus. It will help to a student and professional to nourish their self-confidence in obtained knowledge. In the same way, it allows to the student to be completely independent in carrying out their tasks, both in class and online.

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Master’s Degree in Implantology

“ It’s easier to get what you want with a smile than with the sword.

William Shakespeare

According to Wikipedia, the Dental Implantology is a “discipline of Dentistry which studies alloplastic materials used inside or over the maxillary bones to provide support or dental rehabilitation” of a patient.

Master en implantología

Implantology is  a discipline of Dentistry which studies alloplastic materials used inside or over the maxillary bones to provide support or dental rehabilitation.

Implants, which can be of different sizes, materials or surfaces, are used to support prosthesis which allow to restore masticatory and phonetic functions of a patient, as well as to improve their esthetics.

This discipline is based on concepts developed by Per-Ingvar Branemark, who invented titanium implants in 1981, the fact which represents a revolution inside the maxillary surgery. It is such a good idea that it leaves behind the old ways of substitution of the teeth by tooth-supported removable and fixed prosthesis  (typical “bridges”).

Not only esthetics is the advantage of the implant, but also an investment into your health in the long run. It prevent other complications associated to the absence of the teeth, such as wear of the rest of the teeth, problems with articulation of the mandible, and even headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

The Master’s Program in Implantology at the Faculty of Dentistry should really qualify at the professional level. It is aimed at students and professionals interested in solving the situations which require treatments of edentulism, and adequate implantology treatments.

This Master’s Program, as the previous one, should be designed so the professional can combine it with their daily clinical practice.

The Master’s Program in Implantology will qualify the professional to perfectionate their previous knowledge in implantology and to update it. They will be able to face the problems of edentulism treatment with safe and quality work. Furthermore, it will train the students in working in interdisciplinary environment. It will allow them to be able to organize a complete implantology service within the clinic in which they work.

The training in Implantology is usually organized in theory classes, pre-clinical and laboratory practice, clinical practice with patients and the attendance of Implantology Congresses.

With this kind of Master’s Program, the independence of a student is always welcome, but at the same time, they should have personal consulting services which will help them in their work, both in class and online.

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Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate courses are another modality of studying, which can be taken in at Faculties of Dentistry. They are financially more affordable, as well as accessible at the level of time table. They are a result of a strong commitment of Faculties of Dentistry to offer modern continuing education to a professional.

Cursos de postgrado

Some of the usually offered postgraduate courses are specializations in: Orthodontics, Implantology, Periodontics, Esthetics, and Clinical Management, or they can also be the courses for hygienists and auxiliary staff.

For example, if a student decides to do a specialization in Orthodontics, the topics are various. He will study lingual orthodontics, orthodontics with self-ligating brackets, microimplants, etc. Within this specialty, they can choose the courses of interdisciplinary treatment. The student can also find the courses of dental photography or sleep apnea.

It is important to choose a good Faculty of Dentistry

One of the guidelines that should be taken into account when choosing the Faculty of Dentistry is the possibility to work and study at the same time. In this way, the student can achieve perfection in a professional field. As a matter of fact, it is a decision that has to be made from the inside of oneself, after a thorough examination of self-conscience.

We all know that the Medicine advances as fast as other sciences, like Information Technology. If you have just bought yourself a computer, its value is already less than you have paid for it. This happens because a better version of it is already at the market. In Orthodontics and Dental Implantology maybe the effect is not so fast. But it happens: the knowledge you had a time ago, can already be obsolete.

Honestly, it is wide-known that dental clinics are full of clients when they know that a specialist is working there. It is a specialist and not general practitioner who really creates workflow.

Generally the decision to take up these Master’s Programs or Postgraduate Courses is a result of a motivation to update. When studying for a Master’s Degree, a student wants to specialize and grow, both in financial and professional way.

Visit the web page of Faculty of Dentistry Athenea Dental Institute to discover different types of studies they offer. Then, search for the one that adjust the best to your professional and personal needs.

Wherever you are, you are always welcome wherever you are, both at our clinic and our university: we’ll be happy to give you all the personalized information you need for your project or your studies.