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Flor is a young woman like you, like a lot of other young Spanish people who are looking for some professional growth. After graduating in Dentistry, Flor feels that the University hasn’t given to her all what she needs, and above all, safety in work. This is why she wants to learn more and to improve her knowledge in different dental disciplines, and therefore, she is evaluating the possibility to take up a Master’s Program in Implantology.

Master en Implantología

She evaluates the possibility to take up a Master’s Program in Implantology.

Training in Implantology: Everything you should know

To a 23-year old graduate in Dentistry, like Flor, this kind of Master’s Degree can offer many professional opportunities. Obtaining a demanding continuing education in a serious and prestigious dental training center can be a brilliant way to start up your professional career. And for good.

Beyond any doubt, someone like this girl who wants to work in different dental clinics, requires a practical experience, as well as a daily contact with real problems of patients, which will give her the opportunity to learn a lot.

This girl from Barcelona, a golf lover, lively, sociable, non-conformist and decided, likes well done things. This is why she, like many other of her fellow citizens, searches for a training according to her nature, which will guarantee her advanced knowledge in discipline of her election. Furthermore, she also wants to learn the very same dentist job, directly from professionals specialists in the field, with a wide experience and the best knowledge.

As a matter of fact, it is very important to take into account the experiences of the best experts in specialty (in this case, Dental Implantology). As an Athenian historian Thucydides (460 BC – 396 BC) said:

“The superiority means using the lessons of experience.”

And this is usually found in an implantology training center whose academic staff consists of well-known experts within the specialty, and above all, highly prepared to transmit their knowledge to their disciples, who will become their successors in the profession one day.

A Master’s Degree in Implantology can give you advantages both if you have just graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry (like Flor, for example), and experienced dental implantologist.

Un master en implantologia puede proporcionar ventajas, tanto a un recién graduado (Flor, entre ellos) como a un odontólogo implantólogo dental con experiencia.

Which are the advantages? Among many others, all the information and an update necessary in the professional field which grows a year after year. And which is each time more exigent with the professionals.

A good Dental Training Center is the key

Having an adequate training in this specialty can improve a professional career and contribute to a good reputation in the field. In both circumstances, the constant training is a valid way to complement and complete the existent knowledge. In other words, the knowledge obtained in the University, recent work experience and Congresses in the specialty. Flor knows that very well. Besides, the continuing education brings multiple benefits which have to be taken into account when choosing to continue studying.

Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Implantology

Our protagonist is aware of the benefits which are waiting for her:

  • Step-by-step learning of modern techniques in Dental Implantology. This training should allow her to master different types of treatment and to gain self-confidence.
  • Information on the latest investigation results in the field of her specialty: Dental Implantology, in this case. But, it also can be Orthodontics. In both cases, the constant update of knowledge is always essential for professional performance.
  • Manipulation of  technological equipment currently available on the market, used to carry out dental implants. It allows to a dental student to have contact with the latest generation of equipment, and to become confident in its use.
  • Participation in live and direct surgeries. They are usually in hands of professionals who are highly trained and well-known in the field of Dentistry, and specifically, Dental Implantology.
  • Presentation of real case reports and rewarding discussion with colleagues, who contribute with their vast experience to a student.
  • Access to the latest esthetic and functional tendencies in relation to dental implants. It is more than welcome.
  • Management of specific vocabulary which provides us with verbal tools necessary to mingle in the professional world. In this way, a professional will be able to advance firmly, both in practice and specific knowledge.
Equipos tecnológicos

Manipulation of technological equipment to carry out dental implants.

Objectives of a Master’s Program in Implantology and graduate profile

Among main specific objectives, there is also the improvement of academic deficiencies characteristic for Spanish graduates in Dentistry, especially those related to the real practice in the field of Dental Implantology.  In this way, the beginners in the subject will be able to move safely. In other words: they will obtain the updated and quality training, essential for professional circumstances which require their intervention and treatment. As famous British novelist, Aldous Huxley said:

Entre los objetivos específicos principales se encuentra el de superar las carencias académicas propias de los graduados españoles en odontología. En especial, las vinculadas con la práctica real en el campo de la implantología dental u oral. De esta manera, los principiantes en la materia serán capaces de moverse con seguridad. En otras palabras: obtendrán una formación actualizada y de calidad, indispensable ante circunstancias profesionales que requieran su intervención y tratamiento. Como dijo el famoso escritor británico Aldous Huxley:

“An intelligent person looks for the experience he wants to acquire.”

Another objective of máster’s studies is to prepare professionals to work as members of an interdisciplinary team. Nowadays this is a fundamental requisite to carry out treatment in any field of Dentistry, and therefore, also in Dental Implantology. Another objective of this kind of master’s studies is that the students should attend international and national congresses and give speeches and lectures, as well as to train graduated dentists to manage the implantology service within a dental clinic.

Who is a graduate of this kind of master’s studies?

Holders of Master’s Degree in Implantology with theory and hands-on program, will be able to perform professional activity in the field of Dental Implantology. Specifically, the Dental Implantologist will be trained to carry out treatments with implants in private institutions, as well as in certain state hospitals. This valuable training can also make possible to a professional to take up a teaching career if this is what he wants, or to carry out investigation and research in the field of Dental Implantology, if this is of his interest. Like Flor.

Los egresados de un master en implantología teórico y práctico podrán desempeñar su actividad profesional en el campo de la implantología bucal, dental u oral. Concretamente, el denominado implantólogo egresado estará realmente capacitado para realizar tratamientos de implantes en instituciones privadas, así como en ciertos hospitales públicos. Esta formación inestimable también le valdrá al egresado para realizar una labor docente si lo deseara, o para llevar adelante tareas de investigación en el campo de la implantología dental, si fuese de su interés. Como es el caso de Flor.

Egresados master implantología

Holders of Master’s Degree in Implantology will be able to perform professional activity in the field of Dental Implantology.

Become an expert in Dental Implantology

To become an expert in Dental Implantology, it is necessary to study more and to practice everything you have learnt. In general, a master’s program in this specialty is usually two years long, and during that time, different subjects are studied. An example of subjects that a student can find in this kind of program are:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: depending on the Faculty, the subjects like Diagnosis and Treatment plan can also be found in Study Plan.
  • Basic principles of Oral and Implant Surgery and Osseointegration: they are essential for this kind of specializations.
  • Sedation, Surgical Techniques, and Complications in Implantology and Oral Surgery: they are also usually part of the program.

Other subjects like Periodontal Disease, Advanced Implantology and Implant-based Prosthesis can be found. There can be other subjects, too, depending on the dental training center you have chosen.

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Apart from the formal content, a great advantage of a Master’s Program in Implantology is that it brings the experience with patients. Here, theory books are put aside and live experience takes place. Live learning, in which a student can apply what they have learnt in real, flesh and blood persons, is invaluable.  It makes possible for a student to put in practice various techniques they have learnt in theory classes. Furthermore, it allows them to contact with the main beneficiary of their training, which is the essential part of dentist profession.

On the other hand, working with other students is also a rewarding experience. It demands the respect towards different ways of working, and to get along with other persons. The expert in Implantology, Flor or anyone else, develops pragmatism and professionalism which will make their expert work perfect.

Experto implante dental

Conviértete en un experto de implantología dental.

Go for a Master’s Program in Implantology in Barcelona

It is a perfect choice for those who, like Flor, have finished the University but need to obtain some practice. They cannot afford themselves not to make stronger and not to update their academic knowledge. Not if they want to grow professionally and to make some advancements in their career.

Nowadays, the need for obtaining more and better knowledge in Dental Implantology is growing. Nobody can “rest on their laurels”, and take the plunge with only what they have learnt at the Faculty of Dentistry.

The tendency is clear, both in Spain and in the world. Each year, the number of dental treatments which include dental implants increases in 15-20%. This is precisely why the number of patients who look for professionals highly qualified in modern treatments also increases.

Therefore, the growing demand of esthetic and functional implants is translated into the need of a serious implantology training. Professionals should be qualified enough to answer adequately to this demand, such as, for example, edentulism treatment (partial or total loss of permanent teeth).

Because of this and many more reasons, the Master’s Degree in Implantology can be the best working accessory for a graduate in Dentistry. A reinforcement of a knowledge obtained at the university, plus the bonus obtained through real experience in the clinic: by the side of a patient, solving their multiple necessities and satisfying all their demands.

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