Did you know that dental hygienist is an essential part of a daily practice in a dental clinic? They are therapists specialized in prevention of bucco-dental diseases. Therefore, they carry out certain dental treatments in patients in close collaboration with the dentist.

Odontólogo e higienista dental con un paciente

A dentist and a dental hygienist with a patient.

Therefore, a dental hygienist is a graduated professional with a bachelor’s degree from a Dental Hygiene School.


Together with dentists, dental hygienists are the only one who are legally authorized to carry out treatments in patients with clinical procedures.

Promotion of Health:

  • Intervenes in bucco-dental health education.
  • Carries out bucco-dental health examinations.
  • Advises patients about how to maintain hygiene.
  • Carries out preventive recommendations, both individual and collective ones.
  • Collaborates in epidemiological research.

Technical and assistance tasks:

  • Carries out fluoride therapy.
  • Caries control and placement of temporary restoration.
  • Polishes fillings and eliminates flash paste.
  • Eliminates plaque.
  • Debridement.
  • Insertion and removal of retraction appliances.
  • Insertion and removal of ligatures.

All these tasks could not be done in an adequate way if they were not carried out by specialized persons. Persons like you. Persons with a personality and willingness to serve and help people.

They like to work with people; they are nice and epathic with pain of others. They help patients to feel comfortable in the clinic. They have an proactive attitude so they can inform patients in a comprehensive way. This makes them easier to advice and to train effectively in bucco-dental hygiene.

Hábitos de higiene bucal

Buccal hygiene habits

On the other hand, you already know that dental hygiene habits of Spanish population can be improved. For example, the Oral Health in Spain survey carried out by General Association of Dentists and Stomatologists offers disappointing results. According to this study, only 68% of young population brushes their teeth more than once a day, in adults between the age of 35-45 the percentage goes down to 65%, and it drowns to 46% starting from the age of 65. A 90% of population affirms that they brush their teeth at least once a day, and this percentage reduces to 73% starting from the age of 65%.

                “Toothless face makes the live the living dead.”

This indicates that the need for professional hygienists is increasing. If you also have in mind that other factors are very important in oral health, the obligation to visit these professionals rises. Therefore, to poor dental hygiene you should add excessive consumption of liquid and solid sugars. In all areas of health tobacco is a major threat and in especially in oral health causing gingivitis, pyorrhea and oral cancer as well as yellow teeth or bad breath.

Furthermore, consumption of alcoholic beverages is another very serious public health problem. In fact, it is the major cause of dental erosion caused by acids in alcohol. Alcohol also interferes with the production of saliva, which results not only in halitosis, but also facilitates the reproduction of bacteria. Also, alcoholic drinks containing tannins, such as wine, stain the teeth creating aesthetic problems. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps in maintaining a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

                “The best makeup is a beautiful smile.”

Given the great demand for people with these bad habits, employment opportunities for people like you will not make you wait. Therefore, in the labor market there is a significant increase in offers for all dental hygienists. But training is something that should never end. As a dental hygienist you can and should improve your knowledge, skills and abilities that complement your training. All this will allow you to get more involved in teamwork with the dentist.

An opportunity to expand your dental hygienists knowledge and skills is doing a postgraduate course in “Orthodontics for Dental Hygienists and Assistants”.

This postgraduate course in orthodontics allows you, as a dental hygienist, to share competences with a dentist and get greater challenges. Thus, a postgraduate course student makes sure his patients will get a new smile that improves their self-esteem. You will be a vital part of the solution to their complex for a mouth in bad state.

If you have decided to go for a postgraduate program, the “Orthodontics for Assistants and Hygienists” taught at Athenea Dental Institute is one of the best options in the Spanish educational market. Furthermore, it is definitely the best option you can get in the Barcelona area. Their master’s programs and postgraduate courses have given the best professionals who are active right now. Their reputation goes beyond our borders and many students come from dental schools worldwide.

With their face-to-face and online courses the training offer meets perfectly the demand of qualified and specialized professionals. Any professional who practices can find the lecturing hours that suit them. If you prefer the online offer you can purchase the training and qualifications that the labor market demands of you.

The more than reasonable prices, as well as access, if necessary,installment payment, will facilitate you the access to the master’s or postgraduate programs. Do not let anything keep you from fulfilling your dreams!




Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry. It studies, diagnoses and corrects shape or position of the teeth. Sometimes, it prevents greater diseases that could complicate a lot the patient’s quality of life. In addition to functional corrections, there is also an aesthetic component that converts specialty in a complex and creative work at the same time, helping you better understand the problems and sufferings of patients.

Course for dental hygienists

After completing the course and getting your certificate, you will be in a position to know thoroughly and use skillfully all the tools of the profession.


It all starts with a good diagnosis, for which a rigorous study of the patient’s situation will be necessary. You will learn not to jump into conclusions and, if necessary, consult books or a colleague.

Treatment plan

Once you have done a proper diagnosis you have to decide what is the best solution. It requires asking many questions and using all available means, including the use of intra and extra oral photographs; panoramic and profile X-rays; cephalometric analysis and mounting in articulator, among other tests. It is a very delicate moment and all the thinking will be welcome .


The implementation of treatment accepts nothing but perfection. Perfection in all process steps. Correct planning of all the steps is essential so everything goes smoothly.


Dentadura de una niña

A smile of a child

In the growth and development of children many current or future dental problems appear. You have to carry out well organized communication with parents to make them understand that these small interventions can avoid large future problems.


Biomechanical knowledge is vital in any orthodontic treatment. It deals with the physical forces generated with the help of orthodontic wires, elastic chains and springs.

Brackets positioning

Brackets positioning is a complex activity, and several factors must be taken into account. These factors include positioning, cross bite or open bite and positioning with Alexander or MBT prescriptions. In brackets positioning it may be necessary to correct a tooth torque and you have to master the technique of bending wires, which will be practiced enough. The technology is in constant development, and in Athenea Dental Institute you will always be first to know about the best and most innovative techniques and procedures that always work for the benefit of the patient.

A time for you to become a dental hygienist

It is time to improve your training. In Athenea Dental Institute you will find a good atmosphere of camaraderie and teamwork. Our teachers, highly qualified in their specialties, are accredited and competent trainers. Whether you choose face-to-face training or online training, you will get the necessary qualifications. This qualification will allow you to progress in your career and in your personal life.

In Athenea Dental Institute you will meet multiple corrective possibilities beyond traditional braces. You’ll become familiar with sapphire brackets, with invisible orthodontics and lingual orthodontics. And, of course, you’ll also learn about interceptive orthodontics, Damon braces and metal braces .

After finishing the course you will be not only highly qualified and trained, but you will also feel as real professional with the great responsibility. Your personal and professional growth go hand in hand and will develop innate abilities and willingness to serve and pleasure to care for your patients. Your self-confidence will also grow and the smile of your patients will make yourself a smiling and happy person, too.

It’s your time, is it now, in Athenea Dental Institute begins a new life for you.

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