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The main reason for signing up for orthodontic courses is to achieve pedagogical and teaching training necessary to continue getting better in your profession. It is essential to open new ways and new challenges in your professional career. Theory knowledge, abilities and attitudes is what is waiting for you. All this forms a base necessary to push your professional development in Implantology and Orthodontics.

The objectives of signing up for a Master’s Program in Implantology or in Orthodontics can be various. It depends on curiosity and profiles of dentists in question. From professional improvement through new disciplines, to having the most adequate professional qualifications to carry out treatments. And from material point of view: an important augmentation of your patients list and becoming a reference point in Bucco-dental Medicine.

Courses in Orthodontics: does Juan’s profile sounds familiar to you?

equipo de dentistas con una paciente en una cínica dental de Barcelona

Juan, a dentist, and his team with a patient at his dental clinic.

Juan, like many of his colleagues who practice Dentistry, recognizes the reality imposed by the new era in bucco-dental health care. Since he is an excellent professional, as his own patients say, he is also familiar with the importance of specialization courses within Dentistry.

Courses in Orthodontics, or Implantology Training are one of them. Just like you, for sure, Juan is also very active and extremely connected with his professional activity. He reads specialized journals, attends Congresses, and he is alert for everything that happens.

He tries to keep up with the news in his profession through the news in general media, as well as in specialized media. On the other hand, he also admits that getting better and improving himself in his profession is the best key to success. He does it so he can offer a highly qualified service to his patients on the basis of:

  • The experience of all these years of working as dentist.
  • Training he got at these courses.

He achieves all that by following the words of a great philosopher Aristotle:

“For the things we have to learn before we can do, we learn by doing”.

Why is so important to enroll for a Master’s Program in Implantology?

Because of all this, Juan’s profile, like the profile of so many of his colleagues, is especially indicated to participate in the courses held in Barcelona. A part-time course held in various sessions are some of their characteristics.

Juan has a well defined objective, to work as interdisciplinary dentist and to be able to attend better his patients.  Frequently the training is necessary to be able to attend certain cases. Furthermore, a very important advantage for those who want to get better professionally is that they don’t have to interrupt their career during the postgraduate course in Orthodontics.

On the contrary, his time table will be completely compatible with his professional practice, through an orthodontic training which will be both theory and hands-on. This will facilitate to assimilate more efficiently the knowledge obtained at master’s course. This is the best formula to get a greater knowledge and learning of these specialties. Each student will choose, according to their professional priorities, courses in Orthodontics or in Implantology.

Maybe some of his colleagues don’t know; but Juan is aware of the fact that his enrollment will give him great benefits. His professional practice will increase and specialize in very short time. But not only to him, a dentist, but also to his current patients.

Professional benefits of continuing education

You will acquire great knowledge through a lot of lecturing hours of these specialization courses, learning on pharmacological treatment, esthetic surgery, or bone histology, among other subjects given in this training.

It will also help you to grow professionally, you will be able to widen your patients portfolio, because they will not have to go to other specialist, which will increase greatly their loyalty. Furthermore, you will get greater professional recognition due to a prestige of these master’s courses. It will also happen at international level, due to a great reputation this training has in this sector in abroad.


A professional studying a case of a patient for a future orthodontic treatment.

Because of this, it is so important to select a dental training center in which these courses are given, and in which the students will receive lectures and courses given by well-known and prestigious professionals from the sector. Professionals in the field of Implantology and Orthodontics will be those who will give these courses.

Juan will use this training to develop any kind of treatment in his current and future patients, and with a clearly defined objective: he can include both disciplines in his dental practice. Remember that, for example, orthodontics is related not only to esthetics, but also to other dental areas: Prosthetics, Periodontics, etc.

Objectives of training courses

This kind of studies is necessary to make advancement in profession. Remember that Dentistry is nowadays a very active health science. It demands continuous education of professionals through the continuing education programs in their most important sectors, adapting themselves to new technologies, necessary to practice this or any other profession.

Applying to these courses of professional education gives a series of advantages which should be always present in the moment of applying. with the objective in their pretensions: guarantee the success of students. It is achieved with clinical practice on patients to improve the level of triaining.

Why are Postgraduate Courses in Orthodontics are necessary, or even a Master’s Program in Implantology?

It is true that our friend, as a professional who wants to improve his career, will evaluate many things of these courses of continuing education. they will not only help him to improve his prestige as an expert in these specialties of bucco-dental medicine, but also he will get easier greater number of patients. Not in vain, they will require his services after he gets his Master’s Degree, as it has already happened with other students.


Plaster models for Orthodontics.

 Six keys which will determine your election

  1. The training to work in interdisciplinary teams will have the aim to carry out implantology or orthodontic treatments in any type or patient. The education which is not limited only to theoretical knowledge, but also to practice which is planned in the program.
  2. Make up possible educational deficiencies which professionals like our friend have on these important disciplines of Dentistry. In efficient way and with the help of the most important experts in this specialty of bucco dental medicine.
  3. Develop the necessary conditions so the students can widen their professional services at their dental practice, offering new services to their clients, and according to the necessities they present in the field of implantology and orthodontics.
  4. Increase the capacity to have a numerous patients list, as well as to meet the needs of the present patients, up to the point that  a dental center of reference in the sector can be founded in the near future.
  5. To increase professional recognition among the colleagues of the sector, given by the new disciplines. Anyway, its professional resume will be tremendously enriched, with the possibility to impulse new challenges in their professional career.
  6. Access to the latest investigations in the field of dental implantology and orthodontics. Furthermore, there will be the constant updating in knowledge and new technologies in this important part of the medicine which is essential to develop an excellent professional work.

An opportunity available to everyone

It is true that Master’s Programs with these characteristics are rare. At least the Master’s Programs with this level of recognition. Frequently they are only available in big cities, but not in smaller towns. This can be the major problem to take up an educational program. But on the other hand, the advantages are wide.


A professional studying different X-rays of a patient for a future orthodontic treatment.

We cannot forget that in order to be updated in the latest medical treatment in the specialties of dental implantology and orthodontics, you’ll have to take up one of these courses. Fulfilling the words of Benjamin Franklin that:

No puede olvidarse que para estar al día de los últimos tratamientos médicos en las especialidades de la implantología dental y ortodoncia, tendrá que matricularse en alguno de estos cursos. Cumpliendo la máxima de Benjamin Franklin sobre que:

There’s no better investment than knowledge.

the professionals will receive an updated and permanent training on their treatments, the possibility to generate these abilities necessary for the application of different types of prosthesis, fulfilling perfectly the objectives to keep oneself in the head of treatments both medical and surgical ones.

Apply for a Postgraduate Program of your election:

Inscripciones Postgrado

Rellena este formulario para tener más detalles sobre nuestros cursos de Postgrado.
  • En caso de no tener un numero de telefono español, indicar el PREFIJO TELEFÓNICO de su país.
  • INFORMACIÓN PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS RESPONSABLE: ATHENEA DENTAL INSTITUTE, S.L. (B66563594), Cartagena 248, local 5, 08025 Barcelona ( BARCELONA ) - info@atheneainstitute.com. FINALIDADES: Tramitar y gestionar la preinscripción y/o reserva de plaza y, en su caso, enviarle información de los cursos, actividades y/o eventos. LEGITIMACIÓN: Consentimiento del interesado. DESTINATARIOS: No están previstas cesiones de datos a terceros, salvo obligación legal. CONSERVACIÓN: Hasta la formalización o no de la inscripción. Datos comerciales: hasta que solicite la baja. DERECHOS: Puede retirar su consentimiento en cualquier momento, así como ejercer su derecho de acceso, rectificación, supresión, portabilidad, limitación y oposición dirigiéndose a los datos del responsable. En caso de divergencias, puede presentar una reclamación ante la Agencia de Protección de Datos (www.aepd.es).
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

In the specialties of Dentistry whose advances are constant, and require a profound follow-up of students, they will receive the knowledge on how to carry out the implants with different techniques directly from the prestigious specialists. All this, as a main objective, will help the professionals to translate this knowledge to their clinical practice and to solve problems their patients have. We are absolutely sure that Juan agrees with this.

Don’t hesistate and get to know better the implantology and orthodontics of the future, to be able to advance as professional and to be able to help the patients. In the end, its them who are worth of the best attention and the best professionals.

Discover Master’s Program of Implantology, Athenea Dental Institute