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TYPE: on Tuesdays, from September to July


The Level 1 course is one academic year long, and it takes place one morning per week. It is aimed at all stomatologists and dentists who want to introduce themselves into orthodontics, or to those who already practice it and want to improve their management of Straight Wire Technique.

The first trimester is dedicated to diagnosis and to treatment plan: occlusion study and its analysis with an aim to determine the objectives of the orthodontic treatment, as well as the classification and interpretation of malocclusions as far as its etiology and pathogeny are concerned, to determine the treatment plan.

The thorough study is dedicated to the diagnosis over the models, panoramic X-rays, profile and frontal X-rays and they are related to the articulator.

The material used in orthodontics are also studied, and its indication according to each case, as well as the best conditions of its manipulation, to obtain the best benefits from its properties.

The techniques of direct and indirect bonding are studied, as well as the arch sequence in Straight Wire Technique used in treatments of different malocclusions with or without extractions.

The removable appliances and headgear are analyzed and their indications studied.

And finally, the retention and overcorrection, case finishing and possible TMJ implications are studied.



  • Diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Treatment in permanent dentition with CSW technique.
  • Early treatment in mixed dentition.
  • Hand-on part on wax typodont with real simulation of dental movement at each stage.


BEGINNING: September, 2020.
END: July, 2021.
VENUE: Badalona.


  • Preliminary bases
  • Diagnosis
  • Fixed appliances
  • Stright Wire Technique
  • Direct and indirect bonding
  • Treatment on typodont using Straight Wire Technique:
    • Forming of different types of arch wires, their adjustment and ligating
    • Metallic and elastic ligatures. Elastic chain. Elastic thread.
    • Splinting ligature.
    • Different types of ligatures.
    • Class I, II-1, II-2 and III treatments on typodonts.
  • Case finishing
  • Head gear
  • Interceptive orthodontics
  • Removable appliances
  • Retention
  • Management of a dental clinic
  • TMJ


Echarri-Pablo Course Director
Dr. Pablo Echarri
Perea-Campoy-MA Coordinator
Dr. Miguel Ángel Pérez Campoy
Pedernera-Martin Dr. Martín Pedernera


  • Cephalometric template
  • Dental Caliper
  • Color pencils (red, blue, green, brown)
  • Pencil, rubber and sharpner
  • Calculator
  • Angle Ligature Cutter
  • Three Jaw Plier (Aderer)
  • Arch Forming Plier (plain and grooved)
  • Distal End Cutter
  • Begg Plier
  • Omega Tweed Loop Plier
  • De la Rosa Grooved Plier
  • Ligature Cutter
  • Bracket positioner
  • Mathieu Plier
  • Curved Mosquito Forceps
  • Ligature Conductor
  • Torquing Key
  • Bracket Holder
  • Mershon Band Pusher
  • Wax knife
  • Alcohol burner
  • Cement spatula, composite spatula, plaster spatula, rubber mixing bowl, silicone mixing bowl
  • Glass plate
  • Semi-adjustable articulator


The syllabuses will be available at ATHENEA DENTAL INSTITUTE online Campus.


ATHENEA DENTAL INSTITUTE provides all necessary materials for hands-on part. Its costs will be charged apart.


6.500 euros


Pre-registration: 450 euros.
The rest will be paid by pre-authorized payment in 11 installments of 550 euros each.


The number of places is limited, and they will be allotted by the first book first given system. The registrations received after the completing the available places will be put on waiting list in case of cancellations. The registration fee of those who don’t achieve a place will be paid back in its totality.


If a student doesn’t respect the established installments, his admission will be considered cancelled. If a student pays the total of matriculation fees, but he wants to cancel, the following protocol will be followed:

  • If the cancellation takes place before the beginning of the academic course, the student will have the right to get the refund of the total amount of what he paid except for 350 euros as long as his seat can be refilled by the admission of other student.
  • The student will not have the right to any refund if the cancellation takes place after the beginning of the academic course.


Theory classes will be held with audiovisual aid. Making photos or total or partial recording of the courses is strictly forbidden.




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Training center:
Lleo 13, 1st floor, 08911 Badalona, Barcelona, Spain

Clinic and technical classrooms:
Cartagena 248, local 5, 08025 Barcelona, Spain


9am to 6pm