CREDITS: Equivalent to 14 ECTS.
MODALITY: 7 modules, 1 per month approx.


Through this program, the student will get familiar with the principles of Esthetic Dentistry, and the importance of interdisciplinary approach in achieving optimal results, focusing on minimally invasive dentistry as a basic premise. Through an adequate esthetic (esthetic and dynamic) diagnosis of peribuccal, gingival and dental parameters, the student will be able to elaborate an interdisciplinary treatment, to plan and to solve all kinds of cases. A special stress will be put to diagnosis and treatment plan, aided by a smile design program. With a knowledge of laboratory procedures, a student will be able to understand different tests that should be carried out, and the importance of a correct communication between the laboratory technician and a clinician. During this course program, different materials and restoring techniques which form a part of the smile rejuvenation treatment and adhesive oral rehabilitation will be taught, i.e.: teeth whitening, veneers (composite or ceramic), direct reconstructions, different types of incrustations, metal-free restorations and management of gingival architecture and emergency profiles both in fixed prosthesis and implants.


  • Theory classes.
  • Pre-clinical and laboratory hands-on classes.
  • Part-time in-person classes.

During the Diploma program, all our students will assist the lectures and hands-on workshops given by professionals of national prestige, experts in dental esthetics problems. The reading of the bibliography provided by teaching staff is recommended, as well as the attendance of national meetings of related scientific societies.


After finishing the program and passing the continuing evaluation exams required during the course, the student will be given an unaccredited Diploma in Esthetic Dentistry issued by Athenea Dental Institute:

Diploma in Esthetic Dentistry, with lecturing hours equivalent to 14 ECTS.



  1. Principles of dental esthetics and adhesion.
  2. Esthetic diagnosis, planning and interdisciplinary treatment of the patient’s smile. Smile design
  3. Indications de different materias, techniques and restoring and rehabilitation otions of minimally invasive Esthetic Dentistry.
  4. Ceramic lamination, step by step.
  5. Control of all commands and parameters of dental photography equipment.
  6. Instructions and guides for protocolizing of all types of photographic extra and intraoral records.
  7. Prediction technique for esthetic restoration of anterior teeth using composite. Restorations in Class III, IV, V, microdontic teeth, space closure.
  8. Stratification in posterior sector with composites to dominate the morphology and characterization of posterior teeth.
  9. Different alternatives to implants in anterior sector.
  10. Management and remodeling of periimplant tissues and fabrication of provisional teeth.
  11. Principles of teeth whitening.
  12. Customized diagnosis of each case and a customized treatment plan according to the type and level of discoloration and characteristics of each patient.
  13. Restoring options in anterior deteriorated teeth basing on ACE classification.
  14. Different preparations of incrustation: inlay, overlay, onlay, and veneer-onlay.
  15. Step by step instructions of adhesive buccal restorations with the maximal care of remnant dental structure.


START: to be determined
THE END:  to be determined


Cartagena Street 248, local 5, 08025 Barcelona, Spain



Session 1: Principles of teeth esthetics and adhesion. Smile design. Function and esthetics. Porcelain veneers (Dr. Carolina Manresa & Mr. Miguel Ángel Cano)
Session 2: Esthetic restorations in posterior sector. Morphology and characterizations (Mr. Daniele Rondoni)
Session 3: Esthetic restorations in anterior sector. Composite stratification technique (Dr. Carlos Zuñiga)
Session 4: Adhesive oral rehabilitation. Inlays, overlays and onlays (Dr. Carolina Manresa & Dr. Natalia Barluenga)
Session 5: Dental photography. Clinical protocols. Color record and communication with the laboratory (Dr. Fernando Rey)
Session 6: Gingival esthetics in teeth and implants. Gingival architecture configurations by means of provisional teeth (Dr. Ernesto Montáñes Montáñez) 
Session 7: Teeth whitening. The latest tendencies in whitening products and procedures (Dr. José Amengual & Dr. Marta Peydro)




Course Director
Dr. Carolina Manresa
Dr. Carlos Zúñiga
Dr. Fernando Rey
Dr. José Amengual
Dr. Marta Peydro
Mr. Miguel Ángel Cano
Dr. Natalia Barluenga
Mr. Daniele Rondoni
Dr. Ernesto Montáñes Montáñez



  • Completed application form.
  • Notarized copy of a corresponding Graduation Diploma (Dentistry or Stomatology). In case of foreign diploma, it should be officially accredited by corresponding Spanish authorities.
  • Academic certificate of obtained qualifications (original or notarized copy).
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Photocopy of ID or passport.
  • One color ID-sized photograph in jpg format.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Recommendation letter (optional).


  • Laptop.
  • Reflex Camera (Canon, Nikon, Olympus)
  • Macro objective
  • Ring or twin flash
  • Lip retractors for photographs.
  • Mirrors for intraoral photographs.
  • Caliper.
  • Pencil.
  • Cotton tweezers.
  • Exploring probe.
  •  Mosquito forceps.
  • Scalpel handle.
  • Cement spatula
  • Lecron spatula
  •  Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Clamps holder
  • Recommended clamps #212, #2, #7 y #W8A
  • Magnification glass (optional)
  • Rotatory material:
    • Reductor contra angle (blue)
    • Multiplying contra angle  (red)
    • hand piece


Athenea Dental Institute and Diploma Program Director reserve the right to modify credits price. Furthermore, the time table and theory&hands-on program can be changed according to the needs of lecturers of this Program.

Academic year 2020-2021

Price 6.800 euros.

Way of payment
Matriculation: 30% upon course booking after being admitted: 2.040 euros.
The rest: 70% upon the signing of the contract: 4.760 euros in 7 monthly installments of 680 euros.
*Consult our financing with no interests.

One module only: 1.100 euros.


The student should meet payment deadlines. Failing to meet the payment deadlines will be understood as renouncement of the participation in the Course Program. If a student doesn’t respect the established installments, his admission will be considered cancelled. If a student pays the total of matriculation fees, but he wants to cancel, the following protocol will be followed:

  • If the cancellation takes place before the beginning of the academic course, the student will have the right to get the refund of the total amount of what he paid except for 350 euros as long as his seat can be replaced by the admission of other student.
  • The student will not have the right to any refund if the cancellation takes place after the beginning of the academic course.




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Clinic and technical classrooms:
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9am to 6pm