TYPE: 4 modules, 1 per month

To achieve a good efficiency in teamwork in dental clinic, it is important that both auxiliary staff and buccodental hygienists have the adequate level of training in each of areas in which they offer services. Therefore, it is very important for them to be familiar with the planned treatment, the necessary instruments and materials to be used, as well as how to manipulate them and also precautions which has to be taken in order to be prepared for this function. The auxiliary staff should also be trained to deal with the possible emergencies and their role in explication of treatments, patient care with appliances and resolving doubts is essential. With this aim, this course has been designed. The theory-hands-on type has been chosen to expose as much of theory contents as possible and to improve the hands-on practice of a student, with intensive educational workshops.


This course is a specialty in orthodontics aimed at dental assistants and hygienists. The postgraduate course directed by Dr. Pablo Echarri, director of ATHENEA DENTAL INSTITUTE, and Dr. Noelia Cima, coordinator and lecturer of the course. The objective of this postgraduate course is training of auxiliary staff in orthodontics so they can:

  • Be familiar with instruments and fixed and removable appliances used in orthodontic treatments.
  • Be familiar with the clinical procedures applied in orthodontic treatments and be able to assist and to pass the instruments to the dentist.
  • Manage and take the records for orthodontic treatments.
  • Instruct patients in hygiene and the use of orthodontic appliances.
  • Assist and instruct the patient in emergency cases.
  • Organize the agenda, estimates and follow-up of orthodontic treatments.
  • Manage the communication with patients and with the orthodontic laboratory.
  • Organize the clinic from logistic and economical point of view.
  • Management of patients in retention.
  • Management and use of the GESDEN program.
  • At the end of the course, the hygienist or assistant will be able to help the orthodontist in their daily practice.


The course consists of 4 in-classroom sessions, divided in 16 subjects; in total, 64 lecturing hours.

After finishing this course, ATHENEA DENTAL INSTITUTE will issue a certifying diploma of attendance and pass of the postgraduate course DIPLOMA IN ORTHODONTICS FOR DENTAL ASSISTANTS AND HYGIENISTS. The student will also be issued a CA CLEAR ALIGNER certificate by CENTRO DE ORTODONCIA LADENT, SL.


Session 1: February 1-2, 2019
Session 2: March 8-9, 2019
Session 3: April 5-6, 2019
Session 4: May 3-4, 2019

9:30h-13:30h and 15:00h-19:00h.


Lleó Street, 13, 1st floor, 08911 Badalona, Barcelona.


Echarri-Pablo Course Director
Dr. Pablo Echarri
Course coordinator
Dr. Noelia Cima
Dr. Javier Echarri
  1. The role of dental assistant and hygienist in orthodontic clinic. Organization of dental clinic.
  2. Anatomy, physiology, histology.
  3. Occlusion and malocclusion.
  4. Records for diagnosis. Mounting in the articulator.
  5. Clinical history. X-rays and cephalometric tracing. Diagnosis in dental office.
  6. Photograph taking of a patient.
  7. Materials and instruments used in Orthodontics.
  8. Bands and brackets.
  9. Direct and indirect bonding. Periodontal and gingival maintenance during the orthodontic treatment. Emergencies in orthodontics.
  10. Debonding and retention.
  11. Interceptive orthodontics and active plates.
  12. Functional appliances and headgear.
  13. Myofunctional treatment.
  14. Management of a patient. Preventive measures in orthodontics.
  15. Special treatments: apnea treatment, microimplants, lingual orthodontics, treatment combined with orthognathic surgery
  16. CA CLEAR ALIGNER – Theory of CA CLEAR ALIGNER system, correct measurements taking for Clear Aligner, how to use it, how to insert it and how to remove it, how to offer it – Marketing of the system, how to manage the appointments of the patient, etc.


  • Role of a dental assistant and hygienist in orthodontic office.
  • Occlusion and malocclusion. Clinical history. Records for diagnosis.
  • How to take photographs of a patient.
  • Anatomy.
  • How to take impressions, make molds and model base.
  • Radiography and cephalometry.


  • Materials and instruments used in orthodontics.
  • Bands and brackets. Direct and indirect bonding.
  • Debonding and retention.
  • Wire bending.
  • Bonding and debonding of the brackets in plaster models.


  • Interceptive appliances and active plates.
  • Headgear and functional appliances.
  • Activation and differentiation of different appliances.
  • Myofunctional treatment.
  • Management of a patient.
  • Preventive measures in orthodontics.
  • Apnea treatment
  • Lingual Orthodontics.
  • Hands-on on auxiliary appliances and headgear.


  • Management of GESDEN.
  • Invisible orthodontics. Clear Aligner: theory and hands-on.
  • Microimplants.
  • Emergency in Orthodontics.
  • Periodontal and gingival maintenance during the orthodontic treatment.
The student will have to bring only:

  • Laptop to access the online Campus, where all educational material of the course can be found and downloaded.
  • Laboratory coat.
  • Optional: photo camera with an objective and a flash.

Athenea will provide the student with all the necessary materials and instruments for the course: pliers, plaster casts, brackets, wires, arch wires, bowls and spatulas for plaster and alginate, etc.

The student will be obliged to use correctly and in good will all the materials and instruments provided during the course, and to return it in the same conditions as in which they were given to them.


1.200 euros.

The price includes all materials and instruments for theory and hands-on classes necessary for the course.

The material and instruments used in hands-on classes is the property of Athenea Dental Institute, SL.


Matriculation = 300 € by wire transfer in July/August.
Resto = 4 monthly payments by direct debit of 225 € fromSeptember to December.


The number of places is limited, and they will be allotted by the first book first given system. The registrations received after the completing the available places will be put on waiting list in case of cancellations. The registration fee of those who don’t achieve a place will be paid back in its totality.


In case you are forced to cancel your registration, it is necessary to inform us about it 20 days before the beginning of the course in order to have the right to refund of the entire amount you paid. If the registration is cancelled after this date, the fee will be refunded with 30% of retention for organizing costs. If the cancellation takes place after the beginning of the course, there will be no refunding whatsoever.

ATHENEA DENTAL INSTITUTE reserves the right to modify the course program or to cancel the course in case there are insufficient registrations. The registration fee will be refunded in its totality.


Theory classes will be held with audiovisual aid. Making photos or total or partial recording of the courses is strictly forbidden.




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Training center:
Lleo 13, 1st floor, 08911 Badalona, Barcelona, Spain

Clinic and technical classrooms:
Cartagena 248, local 5, 08025 Barcelona, Spain


9am to 6pm